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Taiwan Master Bread Chef - Mr. Tony Yu(游東運師傅)

Chef Partnership


Chef Tony was the champion of the first "UniBread Baking King Bread Contest". At that time, he was awarded by the jury for his outstanding performance of consistent appearance and flavour, including evaluated by Chef Thomas Planchot-the best craftsman in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

Chef tony has more than 18 years of experience as a professional baker.
With the enthusiasm and strength for bread, he is committed to the research and development of new bread products, and he has refined deep baking skills, aiming at pursuing the ultimate and showing his own style, and have high popularity and evaluation in the industry.
Pursuing all-round performance, specializing in European French bread and proficient in all kinds of sweet bread and pastries.
Dare to challenge, active in the world bread stage, he is a winning army with numerous awards.

Working Experience
Uni-President Enterprises Corporation
The Westin Taipei Hotel

Awards Records
2019 World Bread Competition Mondial Du Pain  Overall Runner-up
2019 World Bread Competition Mondial Du Pain Special Gold Award for Viennoiserie Category
2018 World Bread Competition Mondial Du Pain Taiwan Representative Selection Champion
2016 World Bread Competition Mondial Du Pain Taiwan Representative Selection Runner-up
2015 Uni-President Baking King Contest and Popularity King Double Champion
2015 Taiwan Ambassadeurs Du Pain 3rd Runner-up
Winner of the 2014 Louise Lesaffre World Cup Bread Competition Coupe Louise Lesaffre Taiwan Region








2019世界麵包大賽Mondial Du Pain總亞軍
2019世界麵包大賽Mondial Du Pain甜麵包特別金獎
2018世界麵包大賽Mondial Du Pain台灣區代表選拔冠軍
2016世界麵包大賽Mondial Du Pain台灣區代表選拔亞軍
2015台灣麵包大使協會Taiwan Ambassadeurs Du Pain台灣區選拔賽季軍
2014路易樂斯福世界盃麵包大賽Coupe Louise Lesaffre台灣區選拔賽優勝

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