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Taiwan Chef Mr. Kung Kuan-Hwa(龔冠華師傅)

Chef Partnership

Taiwan Chef Kung Kuan-Hwa is the master chef of Japan's authentic カステラ castalla cake.

Chef Kung Kuan-Hwa, the founder of Andersen Bakery in Taiwan Tainan City,  once traveled to Japan to study and learn from a master in the art of カステラ castalla cake, because he wanted to make the カステラ cake taste exactly the same as the one in Nagasaki, Japan. 

After returning to Taiwan, he baked seasonal カステラ castalla cake, and because of the popularity of カステラ castalla cake, he is often invited to teach in Taiwan and abroad.

Compared to the colourfully decorated cakes on the market, the カステラ Castalla cake gives people a really simple feeling, as if it is just a sweeter, honey-flavoured cake. Chef Kung's カステラ cake is moist and bouncy, with a beautiful sweet flavour, especially the sugar crystals scattered at the bottom of the cake, which is quite rich in texture and completely different from the カステラ honey cake commonly found on the market.

In addition to the use of different types of sugar, the mixing method is also very unique to make the cake more bouncy. The cake must be left to stand for 24 hours after baking in order to achieve the desired texture.




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