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Taiwan Pastry Chef : Mr. Jeffrey Wang (王家承老師)

Chef Partnership

  • Founder of volute croissant
  • France Candia Professional, Brand Ambassador for Asia
  • 18 Degrees C Chocolate Workshop Consultant chef for chocolate pastry development
  • flafla tutu, Flatu Dessert Space Co-founder of the brand
  • Malaysia Royal Baking Academy, Chocolate Pastry Lecturer
Award Record
  • Fourth place in MDAS World Pastry Competition in France in 2022 and Best Team Spirit Award
  • Selected as the Taiwan team for the MDAS World Pastry Competition in France in 2021
  • The champion of the first French Lecure Cup King's Pie championship in 2020
Taiwan Pastry Chef Jeffrey Wang (王家承老師)
  • volute croissant 品牌創辦人
  • 法國 Candia Professional 亞洲區品牌大使
  • 18度c巧克力工房 巧克力西點 研發顧問主廚
  • flafla tutu 法圖甜點空間 品牌共同創辦人
  • 馬來西亞 Royal Baking Academy 巧克力西點 專任講師
  • 2022年榮獲法國MDAS世界西點大賽第四名與最佳團隊精神獎
  • 2021年入選法國MDAS世界西點大賽台灣代表隊
  • 2020年第一屆法國萊思克盃國王派冠軍賽總冠軍

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