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Taiwan Chef - Mr. HeiPi (施政喬 aka 黑皮喬師傅)

Chef Partnership

Taiwan Chef HeiPi
The founder of Kaohsiung 菓然元味, a bakery research and development professional.

He has 26 years of baking experience and is familiar with Taiwanese and Japanese bakery, Chinese bakery and pastry industry; he also loves and specializes in Chinese cuisine; he has experienced a major transformation in the traditional baking industry and he is a baker with traditional and modern baking R&D and business thinking. 

1992-2007     15 years of baking experience in Taiwan
2008-2010     Invited to work as manager of Lavender R&D department in Malaysia
2010~            Worked for Wu Bao Chun Food Co.
                      (Manager of Wu Bao Chun MaiFang Store in Kaohsiung and
                       Taichung, R&D Manager of Overseas Development)


施政喬 aka 黑皮師傅
高雄菓然元味創辦人 麵包研發職人


1992-2007年  台灣烘焙經歷15年
2008-2010年  受邀任職馬來西亞Lavender研發部經理
2010年~         任職於吳寶春食品股份有限公司 (吳寶春麥方店 高雄與


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