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Taiwan Pastry Chef - Amber Ni (Home Mom後媽)

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Taiwan Chef - Amber Ni (Home Mom後媽)
From the love for her family, Amber, the lady boss of Amber手造.烘焙學習分享所 & Home Mom Bakery who is known as Home Mom(後媽). When her children were still very young, she was always busy in the kitchen preparing the children's snacks, and at the same time, she shared the outcomes with her friends and family. In the "days" when the Internet was not very advanced, there were already a big group of fans who always came to her door to place orders during the New Year & holidays.

After having her own studio by chance, she set up a formal baking studio when the time was ripe. And in 2015, she started her first baking class, and moved to her current location (Nangang District, Taipei) in 2017. Due to the love and dedication to baking, The Amber手造.烘焙學習分享所 only offers quality courses and constantly looking for outstanding and top teachers in the industry, and makes students feel a warm and welcoming atmosphere during their learning.

Although Chef Amber has spent as much effort as AMY in promoting quality baking courses in recent years, in her spare time she still works hard to make her signature handmade snacks, just to convey the happiness of handmade baking.

Chef Amber is always able to see the details that others are not concerned about. When preparing classes with teachers, she always considers the students and strives for the best curriculum design and content. She has been called the "stepmother in the baking classroom in Taiwan" by teachers and students because of her patience with students and strict requirements with teachers, which has also become the inspiration for the name of her bakery.

Signature products:
Nougat, Egg Yolk Pastry, Cookies, Cakes, Tarts, …


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