The Original Swedish Food Mixer

Assistent Original AKM6230 (1500W)  

The Ankarsrum Assistent Original mixer (AO) is designed to meet as many of your kitchen needs as possible with the help of one single machine. Together with its motor-in-base design (Enabling rotating bowl) and a quiet yet strong 800W (AKM6220) / 1500W (AKM6230) motor, AO can effortlessly knead up to 3-kg of dough or 5-kg of liquid dough. Till today, it is still entirely developed, manufactured and assembled in the Ankarsrum workshop, a mill town in Smaland, Southern Sweden.


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Ankarsrum Original Mixer AKM6230 (1500W)

SAAC Trading

AO Mixer (Red)
  • Kneads up to 5-kg of liquid dough / 3-kg dough 
  • Continuous speed control and timer knobs, Overload protection
  • Exceptionally quiet yet strong 1500 W (AKM6230) motor, with a 7-years factory warranty
  • 230V / 240V 
  • Basic package also includes: 7 litre (30 cups) stainless steel bowl, dough roller, dough knife, dough hook and dough scraper, 3.5 litre (15 cups) plastic beater bowl with balloon and cookie whisks

  • Dimensions : H: 360 mm (14.1") x W: 268 mm (10.6") x D: 400 mm (15.7")
    Weight : 8.6 kg (19 lb)
  • Local 2-years warranty on motor-base assembly, 1-year warranty on all accessories and attachments
  • Warranty is not valid for overseas (e.g. US) purchases or shipments
  • Manufactured & assembled in Ankarsrum factory (Smaland, Southern Sweden)
  • Available now with Free Delivery 

  • For AKM6220 (800W), please contact Amy (@ 9181-0356) directly for pricing & delivery arrangement