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Taiwan Master Bread Chef - Mr. Huang Tzung-Chen

Chef Partnership

Chef Background :

"うまい (WU MAI)"
The founder and chef of the hand-baked bakery specialty store.
Japanese "うまい" means "delicious" (with a feeling of surprise in Chinese).

Chef Huang Tzung-Chen, the current creator and executive chef of WUMAI Bakery,  adhering to the "professional spirit" of bread, he also won the championship in the 2015 Asian City Cup.

The most important thing about being a baker is spirit. It is easy to make a bread, but it is not easy to make a impressive bread. Mr. Lin Zhongyi of MTZ once said "I would rather throw away a plate of bread than lose a guest", which is about chef Huang Tzung-Chen's uncompromising spirit towards bread. Since entering the industry, chef Huang Tzung-Chen's only interest has been learning baking. He is especially good at studying bread making skills and ingredient ratios, and he has never been stingy in teaching baking knowledge to students and friends. Chef Huang Tzung-Chen has assisted many bakers in the bakery industry to open stores and develop new products, all of which have been recognized by the industry, and have won well-known awards in competitions more than once.


2012年 WUMAI手感烘焙创始人兼主厨
2013年 苗栗中兴商工面包讲师
2014年 著作《天然蔬果面包》
2014年 经国管理技术学院面包讲师
2015年 北京真麦粮品技术顾问
2015年 亚洲城市面包大赛冠军
2017年 日本鸟越制粉第11期研习生
2017年 天然星野酵母第一期研习生
2017年 中国台湾烘焙发展协会委员
2018年 新加坡亚洲大赛面包明星赛台湾队带队教练冠军

三重驊珍食品 麵包師傅
板橋德多屋 麵包師傅
台北市多柏思 麵包師傅
台北市聖瑪莉 麵包組長
統一麵粉 麵包類技師

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