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Taiwan Pastry Chef - Ms. Chang Tzu-Yu

Chef Partnership


Desserts can be gorgeous and show off, but delicious desserts still have to return to the basics of ingredients. Chef Chang Tzu-Yu, who has been working on the front line all the time, pay attention to the selection and processing of ingredients, let the seemingly simple desserts have connotations and depths, make it seem simple but not so simple.

The founder of Wu Yen Cheng, chef Chang Tzu-Yu has been working in a well-known large chain central factory for more than ten years. She has also served as a technical consultant for raw material suppliers and famous factories. She has often been invited by China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia to do demonstrations & teaching. She also goes to Japan for further study frequently.



Background :
Taipei Regent Hotel Pastry Chef
85°C Taipei Central Factory Pastry Chef
85°C Taichung Central Factory Australia Region Intern Chef
Kuo Yuan Ye Co., Ltd. Head Chef
OE Cake R&D Specialist
FastFood Company Co., Ltd R&D Specialist
Konig Foods Co., Ltd R&D Specialist
Taipei La Bonbonniere Deputy Chef
Taiwan Master Martini Consultant
Consultant of TransAsia Catering Services, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Imperial Hotel-Taipei
Dong Lin Food Co., Ltd R&D Consultant
Visiting Pastry Chef - La Terre Kitchen (China)
Visiting Pastry Chef - AO Ankarsrum Singapore (SAAC TRADING)
Visiting Pastry Chef - Prima Flour SG/MY pastry demo events
Founder of Wu Yen Cheng (伍圓宸)Pastry Shop

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