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CLASS (Feb 5, 2017): Signature Bread Selection (CHEF KATSUMI WU)

Chef Katsumi Wu (吴克己老师)

Well-known Taiwan Baking Master Chef, Best-Selling Author, & The Founder of Boulangerie K

Class Menu:

  • Garden Veggie Cheese Bread (The “Ugliest” bread in the world) 野菜乳酪面包(世界上最丑的面包)
  • Cheese Onion Toast (Signature Toast in Taiwan Popular Bakery) 洋葱乳酪吐司(台湾人气面包店的标准款吐司)
  • Black Olives with Bacon Bread (Special bread without final proofing) 黑橄榄培根毛豆(无需 最后发酵的特色面包)
  • Anchovy Onion Bones (Signature Bread from well-known Taipei Bakery) 鯷鱼洋葱大骨头  (台北知名面包店代表商品)

Fees : S$150/Pax @ TOTT (Dunearn) Demo Studio

What the fee includes:

Recipes, Dine on all the demonstrated items, each participant will receive one pack of Taiwan Premium Blue Jacket Brand Flour.

When:          5 February 2017

Where:         896 Dunearn Road, Singapore 589472

Time:            1pm - 5pm Sunday

Description: Chef Katsumi Wu will be using the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer to show baking enthusiasts - the popular style of breads in Taiwan Cafes & Bakery, he will also be introducing the cold fermentation method as well.

Type:            Demonstration by Chef Katsumi Wu and the class will be conducted in Mandarin

To register for class, please kindly contact

Amy Ho / SAAC Trading

SMS/WhatsApp : +65-91810356

Email :

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