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Special Class for AO (8th Aug 2016)




Chef instructor, business entrepreneur.


Chef Jack Lee is a renowned Chef instructor, business entrepreneur and an international food show demo chef. Currently, with over 14 years of kitchen experience and 5 years of chef instructor experience, Chef Jack is the youngest chef in Taiwan to be teaching a multitude of classes ranging from French pastries, Western/Asian style breads, and classical American desserts in countries such as Canada, US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

In 2013, Chef Jack was invited to Italy and Germany by the biggest cookware brand, Ballarini, to do a live cooking show with the winner of Master Chef Italy, Chef Tiziana. The live show was so surreal, Chef Jack was invited back again to do continued live show with Master Chef 2014, Chef Almo.

In the recent years, Chef Jack have started restaurant consulting solution, projects includes bistro and cafes, dessert shops and personalized online dessert businesses. Successful establishments include Muse Café, Roll Play Bistro Bar, and many other dessert shops.

Now, with a two books in progress, one in pastry and another in bread, Chef Jack is proud to be sponsored by Ankarsrum Assistent Original of Sweden, which he believes is the true mixer for any serious home baker or cook.

  • Monday, August 8, 2016
  • 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • 11 Kim Yam Road, Singapore
  • $120.00 (Special discount for existing AO users. Email Amy at for discount code.)


The Ankarsrum Assistent Original machine (AO) is designed to meet as many of your kitchen needs as possible with the help of one single machine. Its motor-in-base design enables the AO to have a rotating bowl, which makes it easier to see the contents of the bowl and prevent overheating of the motor. This is especially helpful in making bread dough. Till today it is still entirely developed, manufactured and assembled in the Ankarsrum workshop, a mill town in Småland, southern Sweden.

Chef Jack Lee will be conducting this special class to feature the multiple functions of the Ankarsrum Assistent Original machine using the various attachments. Come join us if you are keen to find out more about the AO machine. A special $100 discount voucher would be given to each purchase of the AO machine.


1. Wild Woody Herb Loaf with Toasty Cured Salami Crisp Bits
- Basic AO Function

2. Banana Walnut Flour Cake with Fine Cinnamon Crumble
- Using double whisk

3. Spiced Orange & Blackstrap Molasses Cookie
- Using double cookie beater

4. Ice Milo Smoothie
- Using Blender

5. Minute Slaw of Carrot and Apple with Greek Lemon Mint Yogurt Dressing
- Using Veggie Grater

Demonstration by Chef


Food Tasting
Participants will sample all the items demonstrated.

Take Home Items
Participants will take home a recipe pack.

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