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!!!STAY TUNED!!! 20 Oct 2024 Bear's LV1 European Breads by TW Chef Vincent Hsiung (熊俊傑師傅)


Bear's LV1 European Breads by TW Chef Vincent Hsiung (熊俊傑師傅)

Date : 20 Oct 2024 (Sat)
Time : 9:30am - 4:30pm
Course Method : Interactive demonstration & hands-on class

For the Sourdough beginner and lovers~ Do you know what the Livendo™ sourdough starter LV1 is? The Livendo Sourdough Starter LV1 is developed by the combination of carefully-selected types of pure lactic acid bacteria and yeast strains. These bacteria and yeasts are used to achieve highly-developed organic acids and aromas in dough. This product eliminates the need of refreshment for sourdough spontaneously developed by traditional methods. It provides many advantages such as consistent performance and replicable results.

Love sourdough bread but worried about how to make the sourdough starter? Can't stabilize the acidity and fermentation after making sourdough starter? No worry~ We specially invited Taiwan chef Vincent Hsiung to teach everyone how to well use the LV1 and to make out 4 kinds of breads. After the class, you can easily make delicious sourdough bread at home.


Class Menu :

  • LV1 Beehive Bread 蜂巢麵包
  • LV1 Purple Potato Berries Bread 紫薯莓果麵包
  • LV1 Rye Pine Nuts Bread 裸麥松子堅果麵包
  • LV1 French Osmanthus Lemon Bread 法式桂花檸檬麵包


Chef's Background : 

The high level of Taiwan's bakery industry is gaining increasing international popularity. However, among the many master bakers, Chef Vincent Hsiung is also one of the leaders.

He not only won the runner-up in the "2016 UniBread Baking King Bread Competition", he is also a well-known baker in the Taiwan baking industry. It not only occupies a place in Taiwan, but also wins praise from many bakery owners and chefs in China.

In addition to giving technical guidance to many bakeries, Chef Vincent Hsiung also conducted classes in Taiwan/China/Singapore/HongKong..., which was deeply loved by many students. Chef Vincent Hsiung is full of enthusiasm for baking, and treats the work as a kind of art. He constantly requires and hones himself in technology, and his careful work attitude and persistence can be felt in his works.

Published【熊的麵包 I】in 2018 &【熊的麵包 II】in 2020.

Working Experience /
New York Flushing Bakery - Consultor
Hong Kong Kowloon Bakery - Consultor
Taiwan Taichung Pao Chuan Food Company - Chef of FongYuan Outlet
Taiwan Taichung 小豆パンほんと紅豆麵包 Bakery - Chef
Taiwan East Rich Foods Co., Ltd. - Technical Chef
China Xiamen Kanpeila Trading Co.,Ltd. - Technical Chef
Taiwan Wei Bo International Trade Co., Ltd. - Technical Director
Professional Baking Teacher






Class Type : 
Maximum of 16 participants.
The class will be conducted in Mandarin, and the English recipes provided.
Demonstration by Chef & participants followed by hands-on session

Venue : Blk 213 Henderson Road, #03-07, Singapore 159553

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