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22JULY2024 The 柳川や Best-Selling Products Course with TW Chef Eric Lin (艾力克師傅)



The 柳川や Best-Selling Products Course with TW Chef Eric Lin (艾力克師傅)

Date : 22 July 2024 (Monday)
Time : 9:00am - 4:30pm

Course Method : Interactive demonstration & hands-on class

Venue : Blk 213 Henderson Road, #03-07, S159553

This course features five of 柳川や best-selling products~ 
Hokkaido Condensed Milk + Whipped Cream Frosting on top of the meat floss, eat it cold that make you feel good! The grandma's scallion bread... why does it taste better today than yesterday?

#How to bake a fluffy, moist bread with a crispy bottom that tastes even better the next day.
#How to bake perfect crispy scallion bread with juicy flavor.
#How to make the perfect ratio of scallion oil

With all the bakeries on the streets, bread has become an essential part of our daily life. What makes these small bakeries so popular? Come to join this course, let's witness it together!

● Crispy Pineapple Polo Bun (Including pineapple polo skin instruction)
● Brownie Cake Pineapple Polo Bun (Including brownie instruction
● Brown Sugar Mochi Pineapple Polo Bun
● Eggless Custard Bread (Including special eggless custard instruction)
● Grandma's Scallion Bread (including green onion filling instruction)
*Demo item : Strawberry Cream Polo Bun
*Demo Item : Green Grapes Cream Bun
*Demo Item : Meat Floss Cream Bun
(*** If time available, and ingredients available, chef Eric can use the recipe dough to demo the above items to students.)


Description : 

Taiwan Chef - Eric Lin(艾力克)
In 2017, Chef Eric Lin founded 【柳川 や】a bakery hidden in the alleys of the West District of Taiwan Taichung City, but there are always long queues of customers. The store's signature "Hoshino Polo Bun" is baked with "Hoshino Natural Yeast" and "Okumoto Flour" to make it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and his bakery is the very first Taiwan bakery that uses Hoshino natural yeast throughout the store.

In 2021, Chef Eric published 【柳川 や波羅,星野酵母的熟成美味】, in 2022【柳川や吐司!隔夜酵種的完美烘焙: 排隊名店師傅艾力克的職人吐司書】, it is the first recipe book that uses Hoshino natural yeast in an all-round way by a Taiwanese chef in Taiwan. Also his bakery achieved a record of daily sales of 2,000 Hoshino polo bun, & Famous IG check-in store with 10-month continuous daily queuing record. 

Signature products:
Hoshino Polo Bun, Lava Salted egg Custard Pastry, galette des Rois, viennoiserie series breads…

Industry experience:

美香齋烘焙坊/朋廚烘培坊/山琳有限公司產品代言人/日本星野酵母研習/日本奧本製粉研習/日本鳥越製 粉研習/CCFM sheeter demo in Taipei In’l Bakery Show Teaching experience: 橙品手作/禾沐生活學苑/36號烘焙廚藝/烘焙灶咖動手做甜點/朵雲烘焙廚坊/Amber 手造/ Happi2gather Ltd. (HK)/Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop (Philippine)/Casamiel Bakery (China) / Heavenly Sweet Academy (Indonesia) / Trio Baking and Culinary Centre (Malaysia) / Grain Baker/s Kitchen (Thailand) 

Class Type : 
Maximum of 16 participants.
The class will be conducted in Mandarin, and the English recipes provided.
Demonstration by Chef & participants followed by hands-on session

Venue : Blk 213 Henderson Road, #03-07, S159553

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