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!!!STAY TUNED!!! 9NOV2024 Repeated - Liquid yeast (lievito madre liquido) Traditional Panettone Course by World Cup Grade Chef Giovanna Chen (Copy)



!!!STAY TUNED!!! 9NOV2024 REPEATED - Liquid yeast (lievito madre liquido) Traditional Panettone Course by World Cup Grade Chef Giovanna Chen

Date : 9NOV2024 (Saturday)
Time : 8:30am ~ 6:00pm

Course Fee : S$690
Class Type :
 Hands-on & Demo


The yeast has to be renewed three times and the information has to be updated in real time too. Chef Giovanna has brought back the latest information from the Italian liquid yeast master - chef Oscar Pagani, to share with you.

Christmas Panettone made with liquid yeast will be the future trend of Christmas bread, the liquid yeast is kept in the refrigerator and does not need to be renewed every day or three times. It's more easy to do, so it's perfect for bakeries and small studio bakers who want to learn more about natural yeast, it's also easy to use for home bakers.

The one-day class will teach you the whole process of making Christmas bread, how to raise liquid yeast, how to switch from liquid to water-based Pasta Madre, and how to make Christmas bread, how to switch from liquid yeast to stiff Levain.

If you want to learn something, you have to learn from the best, because you can only see far by standing on the shoulders of giants.  (chef Giovanna may not tall but she is the world cup grade master chef~) 

Course Items :

    • Italian Milanese Christmas Bread
      A classic Italian Christmas sweet bread filled with candied fruits and raisins. Cherished for its rich flavour and fluffy crumb. Its buttery, airy texture is achieved through a lengthy fermentation process.
    • Italian Torine Style Christmas Bread (DEMO)
    • Chocolate Christmas Bread
  • A chocoholic twist on the traditional panettone, enriched with cocoa and chocolate chips. Its moist, fluffy interior contrasts beautifully with the crunchy chocolate crust. 

Class Contains :

☑️ How to raise the natural liquid yeast
☑️ Switching from liquid pasta madre to stiff Levain
☑️ The dough fermentation to final baking and packaging.
☑️ Various NG conditions that may have


酵母要三次更新資訊也要即時更新,Giovanna 老師從義大利帶回義大利液種酵母大師Oscar Pagani最新的課程資訊要與大家分享。

液種天然酵母製成的聖誕麵包將會是未來的聖誕麵包趨勢,用冰箱保存液種不用天天續養, 也不用三次更新,作法相對簡單,更適合想要了解天然酵母的麵包店跟個人工作室,甚至在家玩烘焙的媽媽們都能輕鬆使用。

一天的課程教會你做聖誕麵包整個流程,教大家養液種酵母,如何從液種換成水養式硬種,這麼棒的課程錯過了就要再等一年喔!學東西,一定要跟最好的學,因為站在巨人的肩膀上看得才遠。(chef Giovanna 也許個子不高,但她是世界盃等級的大師~)


    • 義大利米蘭式聖誕麵包
    • 传统的意大利圣诞面包,里面充满了蜜饯和葡萄干。因其浓郁的味道和蓬松的面包屑而受到人们的喜爱。其黄油般轻盈的质地是通过漫长的发酵过程实现的。
    • 義大利杜林式聖誕麵包(示範)
    • 巧克力聖誕麵包
  • 在传统的意大利圣诞面包上添加了可可和巧克力脆片,是对巧克力的一种创新。其湿润松软的内部与松脆的巧克力外皮形成了鲜明的对比。

☑️ 天然酵母的液種培養
☑️ 液種換成水養式硬種
☑️ 麵團的發酵到最後的烤焙包裝
☑️ 可能產生的各種NG狀況

Venue : Blk 213 Henderson Road, #03-07, Singapore 159553

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