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!!!STAY TUNED!!! 8NOV2024 REPEATED - Liquid yeast (lievito madre liquido) Savoury Panettone Course by World Cup Grade Chef Giovanna Chen (Copy)



!!!STAY TUNED!!! 2024 REPEATED - Liquid yeast (lievito madre liquido) Savory Panettone Course by World Cup Grade Chef Giovanna Chen

Course Date : 08NOV2024 (Friday)
Course Time : 08:30-18:00 (Class time will be adjusted according to the actual situation)
Course Fee : $690
Course Type : Hands-on + Demonstration

Liquid yeast (lievito madre liquido) Savoury Panettone Workshop 2.0

If you miss this course, you will have to wait for another year! If you want to learn something, you have to learn from the best, because you can only see far by standing on the shoulders of giants.  (chef Giovanna may not tall but she is the world cup grade master chef~)

Chef Giovanna, one of the members of the Taiwan team, won the fourth place in  2023's Panettone World Championships. The most difficult part of the competition was the "Savory" style of panettone, which not only had to embrace the depth of centuries-old culture, but also had to be rich in new layers of flavor.

A seemingly unlimited theme, but how to play in order to tighten the theme, and how to give play to the characteristics of Taiwan, those are one of the issues that the masters should think about again and again. But now, we don't have to go through the painstaking process of the masters, just let chef Giovanna share this unique flavor with you.

#It's a great opportunity!
#Panettone with the soul of Taiwan
#Sweet is no longer enough for you to satisfy your appetite
#The savory liquid yeast verson of Christmas bread is here!
#Simple and easy to use without three time renewed.

Course item: Savory Christmas Bread

Course Content:
☑️ Liquid yeast culture of natural yeasts
☑️ Conversion of liquid yeast into lievito madre
☑️ Dough fermentation to final baking and packaging.
☑️ Possible NG conditions 



台灣代表队成員之一 Chef Giovanna 在今年潘納朵尼世界錦標賽中,台灣队勇奪了第四名的好成績。而當中最具有難度的莫過於【鹹】風味的潘納朵尼了,既要蘊藏百年文化的深度,也要富含全新風味的層次。


課程日期:2024年十一月八日 (星期五)
課程時間:08:30~18:00 (下課時間會依實際狀況調整)

☑️ 天然酵母的液種培養
☑️ 液種換成水養式硬種
☑️ 麵團的發酵到最後的烤焙包裝
☑️ 可能產生的各種NG狀況

Venue : Blk 213 Henderson Road, #03-07, Singapore 159553

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