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25Nov2023【The classic and perfect Japanese super soft sweet red bean bread / mochi wasanbon sugar dorayaki / honey citrus red bean daifuku】by Taiwan Chef - Mr. HeiPi (施政喬 aka 黑皮喬師傅)

$390.00 $420.00

Course Date: 25 Nov 2023 (Saturday)
Course Time: 09:30~16:00
Material cost: S$420/pax
Course Method: Interactive demonstration class
Venue : 482 Serangoon Road #03-01, S218149 (MiracleMo SG Baking Studio)

》The classic and perfect Japanese super soft sweet red bean bread / mochi wasanbon sugar dorayaki / honey citrus red bean daifuku《

This is a classic red bean bread making method inherited from a famous Japanese bakery, and the special addition of "Kanten" gives the red bean filling a dense and delicate texture like Yokan. 

Course Content:

  1. This course includes instruction on two types of red bean fillings : Japanese Kokura red bean filling and Japanese Kanten Yokan red bean filling (from selecting, soaking and boiling red beans without breaking them), boiling to maintain the grainy red beans, and boiling to make Yokan-like red bean filling.
  2. Instruction on how to make a sweet dough, stirring and judging details, dough forming, filling, baking techniques and recipe analysis.
  3. How to make Japanese traditional Wasanbon yokan dorayaki with red beans and mochi.
  4. Daifuku filling techniques and details.
  5. Sales and packaging instructions.

  1. 課程中包括兩款紅豆餡教學|日式小倉紅豆餡、日式寒天羊羹紅豆餡(從紅豆挑選、浸泡、熬煮不破裂紅豆技巧),熬煮維持顆粒感紅豆、熬煮羊羹般口感紅豆餡。
  2. 一款菓子麵團的教學,攪拌與細節判斷,麵糰成形、包餡、烤焙技巧與配方解析。
  3. 如何製作日式傳統和三盆羊羹紅豆銅鑼燒、麻糬燒。
  4. 大福的包餡技巧與細節說明。
  5. 販售與包裝說明介紹。
Chef Background :

Taiwan Chef HeiPi
The founder of Kaohsiung 菓然元味, a bakery research and development professional.

He has 26 years of baking experience and is familiar with Taiwanese and Japanese bakery, Chinese bakery and pastry industry; he also loves and specializes in Chinese cuisine; he has experienced a major transformation in the traditional baking industry and he is a baker with traditional and modern baking R&D and business thinking. 

  • 1992-2007 : 15 years of baking experience in Taiwan
  • 2008-2010 : Invited to work as manager of Lavender R&D department in Malaysia
  • 2010~ : Worked for Wu Bao Chun Food Co. (Manager of Wu Bao Chun MaiFang Store in Kaohsiung and Taichung, R&D Manager of Overseas Development)

施政喬 aka 黑皮師傅
高雄菓然元味創辦人 麵包研發職人



  • 1992-2007年  台灣烘焙經歷15年
  • 2008-2010年  受邀任職馬來西亞Lavender研發部經理
  • 2010年~           任職於吳寶春食品股份有限公司 (吳寶春麥方店高雄與台中店店經理及海外拓展研發經理) 台中店店經理及海外拓展研發經理)

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