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27Aug2023 AM : Afternoon Tea Desserts by Taiwan Pastry Chef Amber Ni


Date : 27Aug2023 (Sun)
Time : 9am-1pm
Course Method: Interactive demonstration & hands-on class
Venue : 482 Serangoon Road #03-01, S218149 (MiracleMo SG Baking Studio)

🔥🔥🔥The afternoon tea desserts that are popular anytime and anywhere🔥🔥🔥

  • Fruity Snowball
    The fruit to be wrapped can be golden kiwi, blueberry, tangerine, strawberry and grape. In addition to the custard filling, there is a sponge cake and a layer of berry jam or lemon cream.

  • Strawberry Daifuku
    The homemade mochi wrapped with red bean filling and strawberries. The mochi is fresh and soft, which brings out the sweetness of the red beans and the juiciness of the strawberries. The finished product is especially eye-catching in the shape of a Japanese kimono.

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