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Bake Tart with Taiwanese Chef Lu Sheng Ta (Edison) 呂昇達師傅


Taiwan Well-known Baking Master Chef and Best-Selling Author -
Chef Lu Sheng Ta (Edison) 呂昇達師傅 

Date : TBA
Time : 

Class Menu : 
French Dessert Course (4 hours)

-French Vanilla Sweet Pastry Theory Teaching

-Vanilla Almond Butter Tart

-Chocolate Tart

-Fleur de Sel Caramel Walnut Tart

-Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha Cheese Tart

The teaching starts with pâte sucrée French tart dough, also the various properties of tart are explained in the this class,

-flour + emulsified fat = homogenization

-Refrigerated Stabilized Fat + Aged

-Inhibit dough gluteniness: vinegar, acid, wine

-Sugar properties & water absorption, hydrophilicity, hygroscopicity, water retention

-Lemon Pectin Releases & Increases Moisture & Oil Emulsification

-Maillard reaction during making

How to make a beautiful crust, how to keep it from cracking, how to make a crispy texture. From the making and moulding of the crust dough, the kneading method of the crust, the modulation of the filling, and the combination baking of the tart, Chef Lu hope to teach new bakers & the experienced players about the possibilities of more delicious desserts in an easy-to-understand way

***Course ingredients not included any alcohol or lard

Description : 
Well-known Taiwan Baking Master Chef & Best-selling author Chef Edison Lu, he is one of the top popular bread/pastry/culinary teacher in Taiwan, HongKong, China, Vietnam and Singapore, he has been the Taiwan endorser of the Taiwan Uni-Flour, French Lescure Butter, French Valrhona Chocolate, Republica Del Cacao, Germany Pamana Evaporated Milk. 


Class Type : 
Maximum of 25 participants.
The class will be conducted in Mandarin, and the English recipes provided.
Chef will demonstrate all recipes. Participants will sample all the demonstrated items.

Venue :
My Turn To Host
Apex @ Henderson W. Atelier Showroom
201 Henderson Road #01-01, S159545

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