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Taiwan Teacher - Trinity Wu (阿吹老師)

Chef Partnership

Trinity Wu(阿吹)

Teacher Trinity Wu is the founder of La Lune Pastry Art, her workshop is located in Taipei city, Taiwan. She has published two books on Korean style framing and Japanese Wagashi techniques.

She loves to turn her works into pice of art, and insist that desserts are not only delicious, but also beautiful! With a friendly and delicate teaching style, she teaches students the secrets of making cakes and desserts to be more beautiful, leading students step by step in making, and her teaching is without hiding.

Students can easily make various kinds of confections by using her innovative methods. The beautiful shape allows you to enjoy a feast for the eyes and the palate, so that even novice bakers can easily make healing finishes!

Signature products :
Artistic flower decoration, pastry cake, creative Wagashi, cold porcelain floral art...

Conduct class by Mandarin

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